Your Choice For Calgary Frameless Neo-Angle Showers

For over six decades, Cascade Glass has garnered the reputation as a proven leader for Calgary Frameless Neo-Angle Showers & Custom Glass Services.

Neo-Angle Showers have doors that are hinged off the wall, are the most economical option and offer the best stability. If a door is hinged off a panel, the panel needs to be taken to the ceiling, or a header needs to span across the glass top edge. Care must be taken, so the curb is built correctly. 

Neo-Angle Showers are shower enclosures that have angled glass sides, a door and typically installed in the corner of your bathroom. With Neo-Angle Showers, you have the option of it being compact in size or as expansive as you desire! 

This type of set-up can be tricky as the glass edges have to be mitered at specific angles, so they fit perfectly together 

Our expert team can help you determine if this type of shower will be the best fit for your bathroom and budget. They will also help you choose the right type of hinges, handles, and finishes so that you can get the shower of your dreams that complements your existing decor. 

We invite you to contact our knowledgeable team so they can help you
choose the right Frameless Neo-Angle Showers to realize your project goals.

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