Your Choice for Fire Rated Glass in Calgary

For over six decades, Cascade Glass has garnered the reputation
as a proven leader for Calgary Fire Rated Glass services.

Cascade Glass offers you three different types of Fire Rated Glass Tempered, Robax or Neoceram, and Firelite.

But let us break it down for you!

Tempered Glass is four times stronger than annealed or float glass. When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into tiny shards where annealed or float glass will break into large dangerous shards. That is why we call tempered glass “safety glass.” Tempered glass can withstand temperatures up to 425 Degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it an affordable option for a fireplace.  After placing an order, tempered glass can take up to 2 weeks to receive from the local tempering plant. 

Robax or Neoceram Glass is a much more preferred option when it comes to Fire-Rated Glass as it can withstand 1475 Degrees Fahrenheit, unlike its counterpart. Robax is best for anything that requires a large amount of direct heat, which is why it is more popular for fireplaces, ovens, and high heat appliances. This glass is a more expensive option but a stock item and can be ready for pick up in as little as two days.   A common characteristic of Robax glass is its amber color. 

Firelite glass includes fire-protective and fire-resistant glass products.  Fire ratings range from 20 mins to 3 hours, and unlike Robax, it is completely clear. As building codes adapt and change fire-rated glass is being used in more and more applications.  For example, it is required when one building is built too closely to another as a safety precaution to stop a fire from spreading too quickly. If you have any more questions, feel free to give us a call, or you can visit this website: