Your Choice For Calgary Frameless Bathtub Showers

For over six decades, Cascade Glass has garnered the reputation as a proven leader for Calgary Bathtub Showers & Custom Glass Services.

Bathtub Showers for your bathtub is a great replacement for a shower curtain. It can take the form of a single panel, single swing door, swing door with a panel, or sliding doors (Serenity or Cambridge).  

Frameless glass allows for natural and artificial light to flow into the bathroom space, greatly improving visibility. Things like shower curtains and metal framing can cut off sightlines in your bathroom. Frameless glass allows your eye to see into the shower space creating a sense of a larger room.  

With so many options in hardware and overall setup styles, you can combine functionality with luxury in creating a beautiful bathroom space. Contact us to help walk you through the options or provide you with a quote for what will work best for you. 

We invite you to contact our knowledgeable team so they can help you
choose your Frameless Bathtub Showers to help you realize your project goals.

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