Your Choice For Calgary Frameless Inline Showers

For over six decades, Cascade Glass has garnered the reputation as a proven leader for Calgary Inline Frameless Showers & Custom Glass Services.

Inline Frameless Showers are the most common bathroom set up. Typically, they consist of a 26” door and side panel with a standard height of 76”.  

Inline Frameless Showers, with a swing door hinged off the wall is the most economical way to upgrade the appearance of your bathroom and to lessen the burden of maintaining it. Because frameless shower glass has minimal seals and framing, there is no place for water and soap to gather and build up creating less chance for mold and scum.   

Something to keep in mind, Inline Frameless Showers do not seal completely, and some water leakage is possible. A gap of approx. 2-3mm is allotted for between seals to allow for expansion, contraction, and shifting of the house. As doors pivot to open, they become diagonal, so clearance is needed. For this reason, we use vinyl splash guards and bulb seals on doors, and these seals require replacement due to regular wear and tear.  

Overall widths greater than 60” require additional support along the top in the form of a header or support bar.  

Over the many years Cascade Glass has been in business, we have come across extremely complicated set ups and our great understanding of glass has led us to successful installations. Our extensive knowledge assures that you will have a beautiful and long-lasting shower for years to come.