Cascade Glass Tub Enclosures

At Cascade Glass, we know that clients looking for Calgary Tub Enclosures are are inundated with a vast selection of different types of tub enclosures. At Cascade Glass we realize this can be quite daunting to the average homeowner. So what to choose?

First we must ask what qualifies as a Tub enclosure? Tub enclosures are prefabricated or customizable units with or without a frame, made of glass  which serve as a barrier to keep water and steam from escaping the bathtub or shower.

There are literally hundreds of combinations available
and at Cascade Glass we can help you
find a tub enclosure to fit any style or space!

Custom Tub Enclosures

Tub enclosures are highly customizable, our semi-frameless tub enclosures are available in many finishes including silver, brass, chrome and brushed nickel.  The customizable nature of the extrusions allow the tub enclosure to work with even the most non-standard tub and shower areas. We offer many different options of tub sliders. The glass varies in thickness from 5mm , 6mm and 10mm. The hardware also varies in design from square (Accent)  to rounded (Euro) with metal wall channels.  Tub enclosures eliminate bacteria filled shower curtains leaving the bathroom looking cleaner and more open. Our rollers attach at the top within the header and the bottom track is flat without groves and therefore easily wipes clean.

Tub enclosures feature a great variety of choices in the type and finish of glass used. All of the glass is tempered and the options include clear, obscure, pebbled, bronze, grey and EasyClean 10.

Calgary Tub Enclosure Examples

Calgary Standard Tub Sliders in Stock

Cascade Glass stocks three standard 60″ tub sliders. We regularly stock the Vision Series using 5mm glass. The Accent Series using 6mm glass. The Euro Series using 6mm glass.

Agalite Tub Slider Samples

At Cascade Glass our team of experts can help you to decide what will work for you, in the space available, as well as to suit your budget and taste!

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