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The shower glass you pick for your shower is almost as important and personal as the shower type you choose.

Easyclean 10 shower glass has become a popular product in the home today. It is an ultra-thin transparent coating that adheres to the glass surface. It repels both water and oil based stains by making the surface less porous. Cleaning is made much easier and is done by using only water and a mild detergent, or a microfiber cloth. It also helps to reduce the build-up of mold and harmful bacteria, promoting a germ-free environment. This glass is available on both our sliding doors and framed showers.

ShowerGuard Glass is becoming more and more common in homes today. This product is available on our 10mm frameless showers. It is a different kind of glass altogether. Its surface is protected during manufacturing through an ion beam process. This patented technology permanently seals the glass surface, stopping corrosion before it starts. Unlike spray-on or wipe-on treatments that eventually come off, the coating on ShowerGuard glass is permanent. ShowerGuard resists corrosion, so scum has nothing to hold on to.

Below are some examples of our more popular glass choices. We have many more to choose from in our Showroom.

So as you can see, we have a lot for you too choose from! Let our expert staff help you select what is best for you and your lifestyle, whether you want a Frameless Shower or a Sliding Tub Shower or even which type of Shower Glass to choose. Let Cascade Glass help you plan that perfect shower!

Calgary Shower Glass Examples

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