Cascade Glass Shower Door Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Cascade Glass, we are often asked questions specific about Calgary Shower Doors.

We have gathered the answers to these shower door questions into the FAQs below.

Q:  What kind of glass goes in shower doors?

A:  We always use tempered safety glass in all our custom-designed shower doors.

Q:  What is the procedure for ordering a custom shower door?

A: If we are installing your custom shower doors we will site measure first.  Then we will order the tempered glass.  Once this is ready we will phone you to set up an install date.

Q:  What exactly does a “custom shower door” consist of?

A:  Custom shower doors mean any configuration of glass panels and a door that can be made to fit in a specified opening.  From there, we offer numerous choices in glass as well as aluminum and metal finishes. 

Q:  How long would it take for my shower door to be completed?

A:  Time to complete your shower door order depends on whether you want a “framed” or a “frameless” shower door.  Framed doors have aluminum framing on all sides of the panels while frameless have none.  Also, on the frameless doors, the handles and hinges are mounted directly through the glass rather than being attached to the frames. Our shower doors are all custom and the time frame will vary according to each shower.

Q:  What types of glass are available for my shower door?

A:  We use a variety of applications, so you can choose from framed, frameless, sandblasted, patterned or clear glass, or even a combination of more than one of these types.  At Cascade Glass, your dream is our desire!

Q:  What can I do to prevent water spots, hard water stains and residue build-up from soap and shampoo from accumulating on my new shower doors?

A: We carry a product called Surface Protector which is a water, soil and stain repellant.   This is applied to the glass and frame and restricts soapscum and water spotting.

Q:  What sort of product(s) should I use to clean my custom shower?

A:  This is a particularly important question because any chemical strong enough to remove accumulated mineral buildup will also attack the anodized coating. That is why most manufacturers recommend only Comet Liquid Bathroom Cleaner (not the abrasive cleanser in powder form).  Please follow the directions on any product you purchase.

If you have any questions about Shower Doors, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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